Water runs through my acrylic paintings. Wet areas that flow, bubble, evaporate, get rained on and which partly freeze in winter inspire my imagination. Flowing water suggests freshness, but becomes deep and mysterious once you gaze below the surface. I feel curious about its migrating creatures and their seasonal habitats. I am thankful to be present amid such wealth.

The forms of my art have changed over the years, my knowledge about painting has broadened, my practise has become more refined, and sharing my images with you, the viewer, is its sincere and joyful landing point. 

In this website you will see a few examples of my painting, get a small idea of my background and have an opportunity to  make a connection. Thank you for stopping by.

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 Painting: Life around me, 2021
Acrylic on Canvas, 20 X 26 - $725


From time to time I post articles about my art and activities.  Please visit the Thoughts page to learn more.
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