About This Site

Over the years I tried to open many doors but in the early 2000’s felt as though I was circling without direction. That did not stop me from my practise but I was becoming exhausted from my exhibiting efforts of the ’80’s and ’90’s and running out of ideas.   I loved to work with a full blast of  positive energy on themes of human struggle, the response to that work was limited and the delivery rotation brought the work right back to my studio. I felt as if it were going nowhere.

It was a surprise to find more acceptance for my skills in the field of Art Education than within the Fine Art practise.  I accepted a full time teaching opportunity with the local school board very close to the time that my husband became very ill and passed away. Economics was another reason to leave the studio. 

Now retired from Education,  my work seems to be somewhat surreal and possibly psychological in nature, although I would like to think it is now more refined.  Might an appreciative audience be found online?  In building this website, I hope that my work will reach people who might find it interesting, and who are willing to take on its’ visual demands. I sincerely hope that by creating this website, I can engage with others on a similar journey. “