Artistic Statement

We are not the same as we were yesterday. We propel forward to make choices, regenerate, re-evaluate, reshape, revise, and transform into new versions of our selves. Like the cells of our organic makeup, we are forever adapting to circumstance. Christene Sandeson’s paintings spring from her scrapbook of life experiences. Inspired by seasonal beginnings and endings, her work explores the universal themes such as the ebb and flow of life, the richness and frailty of the human condition, and the growth and decline of dreams. Christene masterfully layers the elements and subjects of her works to create sinking depths and emerging lights; ultimately freezing and submerging memories under the glazes of time. For Christene, the metaphor is the meaning. 

Early in her art career she exhibited regionally, receiving the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation award. Christene has taken many active roles in art education as a part-time professor at the former N.S. Teachers College; providing Art Expression programming with Correction Services Canada; producing the televised programming “Secrets of Seeing” with Eastlink TV; teaching Visual Arts 10 – 12 with the Chignecto Central Regional School Board. In addition to private collections her work can be found in notable public collections: The N.S. Court of Appeal, Institute for Early Childhood Education, and, Isaac Walton Killam Children’s Hospital in Halifax.

With the formality of teaching now behind her, Christene has returned to her studio practise.  Her current work can be viewed online through Art Bomb or this website.