Artistic Statement


Outdoor experiences such kayaking, walking along wooded roads, or spending time with my horse restore my spirit. Rendering these into paintings has been my art practise from an early age.

My images are based on simple remembered structures heightened by broken colour and divisive shapes. The process of simplifying and clarifying is a challenge to me. There is always too much information at the beginning. A puddle contains its reflective surface, decaying matter, and a diversity of frogs, dragonflies, and other odd tiny creatures. This decay and regeneration assure me there will always be life and that I will be part of it.

My art has reflected remembered elements for many years but its process and expression have changed over time. I continue to simplify the subjects that I care about,  but my knowledge of how to build an interesting painting has broadened. Sharing this journey with others is my pleasure and my joy.  My work can also be found on Instagram and at Facebook.