Christene Sandeson grew up in Truro, Nova Scotia. Through her childhood and adolescence she drew animals, people, landscapes and maps, and after completing her formal education (B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed.), she continued to find satisfaction with pen, paint, and stone, and to experiment with the concepts these media suggested.

She has worked with various artists on projects and exhibited this work in regional public galleries including Mount St. Vincent University, Atlantic School of Theology, the former Dartmouth Heritage Museum, and private galleries in Amherst, Wolfville, and Truro. This included being co-owner of “Signatures Gallery of Fine Art” (47 Inglis Street, Truro, N.S.) which was destroyed by fire in 1985.

Her history includes that of being an educator as well as being an artist. She has taught Art in various institutions: from implementing workshops and producing “The Secrets of Seeing” (through Eastlink Cable TV) to formal teaching at the Nova Scotia Teacher’s College, Institute for Early Childhood Education, Correction Service Canada and the Chignecto Central Regional School Board.

While teaching Art in the Public School she implemented Visual Art and Art History curricula for grades 9 – 12 at South Colchester Academy and with the Provincial Virtual High School, and, assisted the development and piloting of the N.S. Dept. of Ed. Art Education Draft Document for Senior High. While this meant stepping away from the art studio for 13 years, it broadened her skills in art processes and her understanding of art history. She enjoyed all of this interaction, and retired from the Public School System in June 2013.

In addition to her studio practise of creating and exhibiting, Christene has been preparing her Primordial Dawn and Pond Life painting series’, teaching painting to adults at the Douglas Street Recreational Centre in Truro, and presenting Visual Art History and Design lectures to the Seniors College Association of Nova Scotia. Christene also serves on the Boards of the Truro Art Society and Attic Painters. You can find her work on Art Bomb, on Facebook and on this website.