Art Instruction

Would you like to learn to paint?

Have you experienced the wonder of thinking  “… if this could be turned into a painting!”? Was it the sunrise on the Nova Scotia sand or that awesome mountain vacation view?  If you knew the right colors to mix, and how to brush them on a canvas, perhaps you could return again to those glad feelings that resound so freshly in your heart.

There are so many media to try: water colors, color pencils, acrylic paint, and oil paint. Where do you start? How do you know what materials to buy? Maybe a few lessons can get you started. Perhaps if you could be with a group of  painters who are launching a new beloved hobby, you could get started. With some instruction, you might eventually prepare a personal space at home – a place where you could get lost in the mixing of color and the feelings of joy those colors bring.

Lyndia Wellwood and I have started to work with a group of adults who want to try their hand at painting. We meet on Monday evenings at the Douglas Street Recreation Centre in Truro, and can help you get started. In the three years we have been offering this Monday evening painting group, a number of adult learners have joined us.  Our goal is to make the evening relaxing for everyone and because both of us are there to help you, you have the benefit of two art teachers’ points of view. We help each person where they are – whether in setting up compositions or improving a drawing, or helping you find the colors you want to use.

We love meeting people who are interested in painting and if painting is on your mind, please get in touch soon for details!