Dreaming, Acrylic on Canvas, 19”X23”

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My sunny family was like gold: two children, a dear husband, a struggling art career, and a lovely old home which we had renovated.  Blessed.  

Within 10 years, cancer claimed my husband and the fear of lack compelled me to move to an apartment.  I accepted a full time position teaching High School Visual Art.  My children moved away to build their own dreams.  

The dreaming window in this painting is about that time in my life.  Like quiet hopes, I used to dream of trailering my horse to various events, but could not afford the vehicle, I used to dream of being a well-established artist but, if you cannot do, you teach.  Perhaps that, too, was just another dream.

Now I dream of the things I can rely on. I dream that my daughters continue love me, that  I will get the wood in before winter, that I am sincere and honest in my art practise, that my friends will surround me, and that simple pleasures will secure me to the earth.   I dream that I will smile every day.  Those dreams can come true.


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