Forest or Trees?

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“Forest Trail” was inspired while trail riding through the woods. Among the masses of green and grey await naked sprites and glancing eyes. It inspires delight and inspiration and is a good metaphor about seeing.

Painted details, such as branches on individual trees, suggest the artist understands structure; generalized brushes of tone and colour suggest edgeless knowledge of one’s subject. Allowing clear details to coexist with soft masses is one of my artistic challenges; I have had difficulty seeing the forests for the trees.

The balance between a hard forward focus which locks on detail, and a soft broad gaze which captures movement, colour and space is like sitting on a horse. The hard eye, like the predator seeking focus, pulls the heart forward and out of the seat. The soft eye integrates the rider with the environment, feels the movement, and sees along each side. There is comfort and calmness with a soft eye.


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