Moon over Marsh

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Moon over Marsh” (12”X 12” acrylic on plywood) has just been purchased by the Town of Truro, N.S. It was created years ago during the months following the passing of my husband. At the time I tried to document the passing of time by  painting the full moon each month.

There were months when I did not paint:  December, April, May, and the summer months. Funny how dates embed themselves.  I painted the Moons of January and February (’04), the blue moon of November (’03), the Hunter moon of October and the Harvest moon of September (’03).  “Moon over Marsh”  was created during the melting of winter when marsh grasses pressed themselves into heaves of tidal clay and fallen feathers of gulls.



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Comments 9

  1. Christene your painting
    Captured the melding of earth and sky through the marsh. Thanks for sharing the back story. The painting expresses the solitude of a most difficult time.

  2. Christene, it was lovely seeing you Thursday evening. I really appreciate having the opportunity to see the painting on your website as it gives me the chance to study it in detail. At first glance one does not see the face. It is the perfect piece for Truro to include in their collection.

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