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Hello Friends

I have wanted to start a website for many years. I actually made a feeble attempt a year ago but realized I didn’t know what I was doing!  Thanks to my new helper Jim, I”m trying again!

I have been creating paintings, drawings and sculpture since before the 1980’s, and have huffed and puffed these works to exhibitions, artist talks, restaurants, evening meetings, and even have exhibited in public and private galleries.  I have tried a great many common and obscure media, and have even taught about art in the public school system. But I”m just not getting to where I’d like to be. 

Where IS that place anyway? 

Perhaps by receiving some feedback to my art, I can throw the saddle on a new artistic trail. Perhaps, from that saddle, we can both better scan the horizon for new insights. And, as we hack along, maybe we will discover we have found the edge of a new journey. What a great place to be!

Thank you so much for stopping along the way.


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