How long does it take to come home?

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I admire artists who have honed their works to a seemingly effortless aesthetic; their toolboxes of texture, color and shape are sharpened as fine as a blade.  Those artists are rightfully admired, and I wanted that same admiration for myself.

… But, like the square peg, I did not truly fit into that round space.  I love my studio … but also my garden, animals, family, friends, and a fulfillment found through teaching art.

I once held the profession of teaching in a nervous hand.  It was presented as a career that I could turn to if life became hard.  Over time, the teaching of art has been placed on three different shelves.

As a young Masters in Education mother with a Teachers’ Licence Class 7, I shelved the detailed and complex career of teaching to consider for ‘later’.  During that child-rearing time my hand turned toward the arts, and I worked hard to participate in many exhibitions.   Golden.

As a middle aged widow, the Great Artist lifted my hands to that second shelf and pulled out a teacher of Visual Art in the Public School System.  I did not think I could carry such a heavy load,  which mostly involved overcoming my rookie sweetness, to face the array of teens, systems, and mandates.  My absolute favourite part was building presentations.  I managed the rest.

Tumbling out of the third shelf spilled an art teacher who has been blessed with an adult painting group.  I co-direct this activity with another artist.  How long did it take to come home?  Settle the big stones – the family, art and education –  into the jar first, and allow the sand to fill the spaces.  Landing into a world of adult learners who greet each other with sharing and caring only took 63 years.

Those who have supported my teaching career –  my father,  my family,  my students – I thank you.

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  1. Christene,

    What an absolutely lovely essay. It has “Christene” written all over it.

    It is interesting how our lives are shaped and what skills we end up learning while taking these roads less travelled. It is because we do take these different paths we eventually discover our personal passions. There is the seed of something vital forever present in each of us that cannot be denied. I’m glad your seedling has finally found the perfect time and home to burst into a full and vibrant bloom.

    A fellow traveller,


  2. I wonder what it takes for me to come home? Thank you for this open and personal account off your journey. I am feeling inspired not to be traveling alone.

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