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My parent’s wanted to raise me to become self-sufficient. This was clearly understood.

During the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, my desire to study art as a meek following teen was met with a strict “No”.  Distracted by a boyfriend, I did not protest. In retrospect I was not mature enough to ignore the allure of the new culture.

An easier path was to attend the local Nova Scotia Teachers College. The Physical Education program offered the study of anatomy, dance and gymnastics, and those 3 more years living at home introduced me to several high quality teachers and coursework in which I did not expect to excel. Neil Fisher, a teacher of literature and poetry, and from whom I took as many courses as I could fit amongst the adidas and gym shorts, is a Facebook friend (turned cartoonist). The arts have many tentacles.

Water under the bridge and a Masters of Education degree in the drawer, I DID become an artist, and I DID teach art in workshop and the public school settings. The tide rushes in and the tide sweeps away. I am both proud and glad of my journey.

So, getting back into the saddle, take a look at some of the wonderful people I have met because my Robert Frost took a turn down a yellow wooded trail…

I have included a couple of images of my students below. If you are interested in Art Instruction you can find it here.


Here is a group shot of some of our Grade 12’s at the London Eye.

Here I am with Josh Ehler – an exceptionally talented Visual Art 10,11 and 12 student where I taught at South Colchester Academy, and who some day will excel in his designs.

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  1. If you were an English teacher, you would see i goofed . did not leave a space between words ! but i am still learning this ”computer thing ”

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