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I have neglected you. Several people have looked at you recently and have seen some of the things I have told you about, but I have not posted anything new for awhile. Look at this arm! I broke it while skating on my new pond at the end of December 2017. The Doctor said my bone had shattered in 3-4 … Read More

Freeze and Thaw Acrylic on Canvas, 30″ X 24″

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I am one of those who awaits January.  The fresh calendar, frozen landscape and clear skies inspire me. In the winter woods, silent scampers cross yesterday’s foot trail.  Breathy frosts and papery footfalls pause between crow call and crystalline sky, and, spruce shadows taper their ink lines around the earths’ bulky mounds.  I want to walk. “Freeze and Thaw” (purchased … Read More

Dreaming, Acrylic on Canvas, 19”X23”

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My sunny family was like gold: two children, a dear husband, a struggling art career, and a lovely old home which we had renovated.  Blessed.   Within 10 years, cancer claimed my husband and the fear of lack compelled me to move to an apartment.  I accepted a full time position teaching High School Visual Art.  My children moved away … Read More

Water Lilies, Acrylic on Canvas, 20″ X 30”

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“Show me the boat again Dad?”, I would ask on a sunny summer Sunday. That sunken boat was a great source of fright. As he told the story, my Grandfather was rowing rocks across the lake, and the old boat sank. I love lakes. Lake water is dark, scary, unfathomable. From the safety of a rowboat I gaze deep into … Read More

Show – Long Winter Nights

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This show runs from 3 November 2017 until 31 December 2017. It is being held at the Bread Gallery, 7778 Highway #14, Brooklyn, Hants County. Share this Post


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My recent series of artworks have been nurtured by the idea of tide and time. “Moonshell”, one of the keynote pieces of that collection, appears to be a cross section of a shell overlaid on a night sky. The idea of ‘Moonshell’ came from the common name given by a childhood friend to the large snail shells found only during … Read More

What is a Primordial Dawn?

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The series “Primoridial Dawn” was initially inspired by the sandstone carving “Valley of the Shadow”; the four organic shapes frame the body of a sleeping infant. I was reminded of a rising yellow sun, the earth’s womb, a wavy line of water, and a sea-weed shape. Several of those shapes have become fully developed paintings on their own, but diagrams … Read More

Fire and Ice Artist Statement

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I love to explore ideas in my acrylic paintings: objects that could be very old, sea-or-land scape that triggers a memory, or animals that I connect with. These remind me of what is true in life, or of how too-quickly our time passes. Some of those elements, when combined, suggest to me that a spirit of life dances through everything. … Read More