Art to the Power of 5

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This July the Fraser Cultural Centre will showcase five diverse artists and mediums in the form of five solo exhibits under one roof. Beginning with two of the artists planning to show together, three additional artists were quickly added with the idea being individual displays revolving around the differences between the artists’ work. The exhibit title Art 5 (Art to the … Read More

Moon over Marsh

Christene SandesonArt9 Comments

“Moon over Marsh” (12”X 12” acrylic on plywood) has just been purchased by the Town of Truro, N.S. It was created years ago during the months following the passing of my husband. At the time I tried to document the passing of time by  painting the full moon each month. There were months when I did not paint:  December, April, … Read More

Portrait Painting

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Like many subjects in art, portrait painting held a deep interest to me.  It still does and I still include fragments of facial imagery in my art work.  Here is a Truro Daily News clipping published on October 3, 1996, page 3. This is a stylized self-portrait that I painted a few years ago A beautiful painting that I created … Read More

Malagash Moon

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“Malagash Moon” is a 17 X 13 1/2 inch acrylic on canvas that represents a full moon over the beach at Malagash where the Sandeson family cottage was once located. I am certain the old copper moon, the rocks, sand, and tidal zig-zags still reveal their mysteries at night. It is a beautiful beach, located along the Northern shore of … Read More

Deep Water Swimmer

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This Deep Water Swimmer pulls with awkward strength through underwater currents.  Silhouetted and vulnerable, she kicks over its’ surface, reaching her shoulders and pressing her hands, while breathing and splashing cold bubbles into the light above.  Meanwhile, we underground springs, like earths’ veins, flush toward the rivers, lakes and oceans, with our own life. This 31” X 30” acrylic on … Read More

Side Trails – Emancipation 2

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Here is an addition to the previous side trail of 1992. You may recall that George Clyke wanted to do more with his collection of newspaper clippings and generations of photos than to simply store it in his notebooks, and had invited me into his home to see if any of it triggered artistic ideas. I enjoyed looking at these … Read More

Side Trails – Emancipation

Christene SandesonSide Trails2 Comments

I would like to add a section to my website called “Side trails”.  Not entered in any particular order, these stories from the past will speak a bit more about the artistic journey, exhibitions and shows that I have been involved with.  “Emancipation” is the name of one such side trail that took place in 1992.  I am attaching a … Read More