Freeze and Thaw Acrylic on Canvas, 30″ X 24″

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I am one of those who awaits January.  The fresh calendar, frozen landscape and clear skies inspire me. In the winter woods, silent scampers cross yesterday’s foot trail.  Breathy frosts and papery footfalls pause between crow call and crystalline sky, and, spruce shadows taper their ink lines around the earths’ bulky mounds.  I want to walk. “Freeze and Thaw” (purchased … Read More

Dreaming, Acrylic on Canvas, 19”X23”

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My sunny family was like gold: two children, a dear husband, a struggling art career, and a lovely old home which we had renovated.  Blessed.   Within 10 years, cancer claimed my husband and the fear of lack compelled me to move to an apartment.  I accepted a full time position teaching High School Visual Art.  My children moved away … Read More

Water Lilies, Acrylic on Canvas, 20″ X 30”

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“Show me the boat again Dad?”, I would ask on a sunny summer Sunday. That sunken boat was a great source of fright. As he told the story, my Grandfather was rowing rocks across the lake, and the old boat sank. I love lakes. Lake water is dark, scary, unfathomable. From the safety of a rowboat I gaze deep into … Read More

Amber Tide 2

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I wish to introduce the beautiful and peaceful “Amber Tide 2”, a 16×12-inch acrylic on canvas, as a significant part of my Primordial Dawn series of artworks. In this body of work I was focusing upon the idea of early morning sunrise over the various reefs and points of land of Malagash, Nova Scotia. This piece will be featured at … Read More

Collective Expressions Show

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Staying in touch with friends is important to me and this July of ’17, Janice Guinan, Janice Stewart and Lyndia Wellwood are displaying together at the Edinburgh Gallery in “Collective Expressions”! Please come and take a look! Share this Post

Forest or Trees?

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“Forest Trail” was inspired while trail riding through the woods. Among the masses of green and grey await naked sprites and glancing eyes. It inspires delight and inspiration and is a good metaphor about seeing. Painted details, such as branches on individual trees, suggest the artist understands structure; generalized brushes of tone and colour suggest edgeless knowledge of one’s subject. … Read More

Art to the Power of 5

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This July the Fraser Cultural Centre will showcase five diverse artists and mediums in the form of five solo exhibits under one roof. Beginning with two of the artists planning to show together, three additional artists were quickly added with the idea being individual displays revolving around the differences between the artists’ work. The exhibit title Art 5 (Art to the … Read More

Moon over Marsh

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“Moon over Marsh” (12”X 12” acrylic on plywood) has just been purchased by the Town of Truro, N.S. It was created years ago during the months following the passing of my husband. At the time I tried to document the passing of time by  painting the full moon each month. There were months when I did not paint:  December, April, … Read More