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My recent series of artworks have been nurtured by the idea of tide and time. “Moonshell”, one of the keynote pieces of that collection, appears to be a cross section of a shell overlaid on a night sky. The idea of ‘Moonshell’ came from the common name given by a childhood friend to the large snail shells found only during … Read More

Release of the Wild Bird

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Like “Flight to Heaven” this painting was started in my former studio but discarded due to unresolved areas of composition. Holding a seed of promise, it was reestablished on a 24” X 24” canvas spotlighting the fluffy bird attempting flight amid sultry evening foliage. The title suggests it is being released, but perhaps, instead, it is escaping. If life’s theatre … Read More

Woman Of The Sea

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“Look! Over there … a woman washing her hair in the sand!” If you would like to check out more of my acrylic art, please click here. Christene Share this Post