Release of the Wild Bird

Christene Sandeson Creative 4 Comments

Like “Flight to Heaven” this painting was started in my former studio but discarded due to unresolved areas of composition. Holding a seed of promise, it was reestablished on a 24” X 24” canvas spotlighting the fluffy bird attempting flight amid sultry evening foliage.

The title suggests it is being released, but perhaps, instead, it is escaping. If life’s theatre slopes too heavily toward a cage, the captive requires renewal, release. The mind is deep and the heart must make effort. Not only triggered by life events, my paintings emerge from dream or subconscious thought as with this pretty bird escaping from something under the evening light.

I love symbolism. The cage’s womb-like presence is implied by a surrounding wilderness. Similar to the protection offered by the trees in Henri Rousseau’s “The Dream”, an exotic beauty awaits her opportunity. However, we all know that one cannot face wild creatures or surmount tall barriers while lying naked in a cage.

Like many exotic birds, this one has decorative feathers. In a triadic color scheme of various hues of blue, golds and cadmiums, the piece is also flecked with silver. The eagle-like beak and human eye imply an upward diagonal beyond humid summer foliage. Angled slashes will have to be navigated but she will find a favourable wind to glide upon once she rises.

I am not ultra-feminine. My hair is short and my hands are rough. I walk under trees and around the undergrowth. With the head of an eagle, and a beak of a predator, perhaps the wild bird who angles her fluffy wings toward freedom in this painting will find a new balance.

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  1. Christene. This is a beautiful painting. Congratulations on your win in the Truro Art Society’s Art in Bloom just this week.

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