I became interested in stone rubbing after reading a news article showing rubbed bas relief images of ancient Assyrian and Egyptian monuments.  The stone texture and decorative surface incisement were beautifully captured and I wanted to explore the idea for myself. Grave stone images have long been recorded on paper rubbed with crayon, and the simplicity of this idea seemed brilliant!
To create my own rubbings, I began to incorporate flat surfaces into my sandstone carvings. Stone carving can take several weeks of dusty work, but once the stone is sanded and washed, those raised surfaces can be captured in pigment while leaving the depressions untouched. Wanting my work to be durable, I combined acrylic wash and oil pastel on 100% cotton muslin fabric. Wanting my work to be unique, I combined various stone surfaces to create my images.  Adjusting the alignment of two or more surfaces, and layering the colors of the media allowed for variations of the original image. No two rubbings, even from the same stone, were alike.
If you would like to learn how to make rubbings for yourself, I would be happy to help you explore your own rubbing process. In fact, if there were enough people interested I would offer a workshop. Please visit the Offerings Page.
If you are interested in purchasing prints of any of my original works, they are are available in a variety of formats. Simply click on the image that you wish to buy, make a note of the name and head over.