Bitless and Barefoot

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I consider myself a ‘nouveau’ horse owner.  I lack the intuitive warmth of those whose more quiet breath can calm the spirit.  My own heart is impatient, but when in the presence of creatures whose gentleness and logic is deeper than my own, I am made a more worthy person.

Here is Ropers by Dee Barr.  This past June he turned 25.  He is my guilty luxury and I am privileged to own him.  Originally purchased in 1999 so my daughter could ride him in local equestrian shows, Roper now carries me shoeless around the arena and fields in a loose rein bitless bridle.

Roper is a horse that anyone would want in their stable.  What a good boy.


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  1. I would love to come take photos of you and the handsome Roper sometime this summer!
    Keep in touch 🙂

  2. Hey Ashley – I’m at the barn every day to clean up and usually ride once or twice a week. Let me know when you are around and we can make this happen

    thanks for commenting on the website! I appreciate it


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