Greek Inspirations

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We have just returned form Greece where I clicked over 300 photos.  Some of those snapshots bring back memories of the lovely cobalt sea, warm sandy greens, and painted ochres and pinks accented with stark white.  Contrast those colours with liberal slashes of reds, and peeling marine blue, and you accumulate a brilliant memory of colour. This collection (and hopefully … Read More

New Forest Sunset Over Lake

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We have a family cottage. It was Dad’s grandfather (I believe) who obtained the property and who built the first rough shelter. Agreements were made on a handshake in those days. Mom and Dad raised us at the cottage during summers. Appointments in town were avoided in order to clear the calendar for summer. Warm glorious cottage days lasted forever! … Read More

Winter in the Park

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This small painting was created as an experiment in color.  Working from a photo taken from one of my walks (and during the era of slide projectors),  I projected the image out of focus, enlarging it to about 8 feet on my wall.  Keeping the image out of focus, I perceived the color as viewed in those soft edges and … Read More

City Under the Sea

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City Under The Sea

“City under the Sea” is a painting derived from the drawing I gave to my daughter Katie.  That drawing represented the view from Toronto’s Four Season’s Centre.  This acrylic on canvas shows the reflections from that window but includes spirals that represents shells.  All things originate from somewhere and this is an attempt to show the ancient origins of what … Read More

No Hoof No Horse (May 2016)

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The phrase “no hoof no horse” suggests that horses need healthy feet in order to survive. I think the phrase understates the rich complexity of the equine pump that pushes blood from the hoof up the cannon bone, and back to the heart (it is also said that a horse has five hearts). As a horse owner, hoof care practitioner, … Read More