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  1. Christene,

    At first, of course without realizing it, I came to the immediate wrong conclusion that is was a artifact hauled from the depths off shore of some Ionian island. An offering to some long lost goddess of tranquility, fertility or some other such “ility”.

    But no. Only a piece of green sandstone. Well excuse me but I also though it had all the visual characteristics of a bone of unknown origin. Leg bone, a ball and socket type.

    Then I realized that the shape of the back of the head reminded me of a small stone statue I picked up at the “New To You” shop. I will post a photo of the statue to Facebook . I am sure you and others will see the similarities.

    Finally, Christene, I am interested in exactly how much carving or sculpting you actually did to get this result.

    A very interesting piece. As always, well done!

    Brian Hagell

  2. Brian you are a gem! I love your thoughtful, slightly humorous comments. The last thing that I thought of was a ball and socket joint but then ancient artifacts interest me as well and the idea is not so far-out.
    I am doing a bit of carving now but not on the scale of yester-year when I used the compressor and 50+ pound chunks of quarry stone. Most of the work at that time was done by hand – hammer and chisel – (perhaps 20+ years ago). I invested in the power tools as I became more interested in the process. When I sold the house, I also sold the equipment.
    Most of the carving I do today is soapstone and on a very small scale. However, having said that, I am interested in low relief imagery that mimics fossilized bits and pieces of modern day stuff. Work in progress as you know.
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment. When is your next show?

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