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11 Comments on “New Forest Sunset Over Lake”

  1. Love the picture. It’s very restful and serene, probably unlike what you were feeling when you were being a “leftie”!

  2. Hi Janet – thank you for commenting! Allowing the piece to remain soft and unclear is a challenge for me but I was pleased with the outcome!

  3. Really nice negative shapes and colours. I like the way you had some of the branches be indistinct. I had to make the image smaller so that I could see the whole thing. Perhaps some viewers can’t do that. Also, I found the photo, visible at the sides, to be distracting. Interesting to me that Janet found it to be “restful and serene”. Exciting, I thought. I guess it doesn’t take much for me to feel excited by a landscape well-painted. Your colours reminded me of Wayne Thiebaud (California artist).https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wayne_Thiebaud

  4. Great work for south paw🤚
    I enjoyed the piece you captured the warmth and tranquility of the end of a day.

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