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I would like to add a section to my website called “Side trails”.  Not entered in any particular order, these stories from the past will speak a bit more about the artistic journey, exhibitions and shows that I have been involved with.  “Emancipation” is the name of one such side trail that took place in 1992.  I am attaching a photo of a newspaper article that references this journey.  Look how young I seem!

It took about a year to prepare enough work within a theme to exhibit, and this collection was with the support of George Clyke of Truro.  George was interested in the history of Truro’s Black community, and had collected photos and articles of significant figures past and present who had contributed to the community.  His collection included relatives who had fought in the wars and those who built the Zion Baptist Church community.

More about this side trail will be in my next instalment.

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  1. What a wonderful new addition to your website Christene. I look forward to learning more about your journey and adventures.

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