A Bucket of Waste-water

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Here is a Tidy Tip for brush washing and for discarding paint water. When I had a really big studio in a really big house, my studio sink was splattered in paint and its drain was coated with stinky scum. Been there? So hard to avoid!

I designed my current studio to accommodate an overnight guest, and prefer NOT to let my sink get horrible again! From a systems point of view, I’d also like to prevent coating the drains with paint goo or to contaminate the grey water.

My studio sink is an inexpensive plastic laundry tub purchased from a local hardware store but this tip will also apply to painters who wash up at their kitchen or bathroom sink.

I place a plastic bucket with handle into the sink when it is time to wash my brushes and to dump the paint water into. When the bucket gets about half full, I pour the painty water over my driveway gravel. I leave the gooey residue that settles to the bucket bottom. While less convenient, this seems less damaging overall and my inner Molly Maid and Mister Plumber appreciate the effort.

What do you think of this tip? Does anyone have a tip they would like to share?


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