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Beginning in March of 2020, Canada began a period of social distancing as a result of the novel Covid-19 virus. The most notable change in my calendar was that my teaching practise was deleted from the calendar. This gave me a surprising amount of time to think about where I am and where I am going.

I decided to re-arrange my painting and office spaces. Most of this has been completed at the time of this writing even though there are still a few piles of stuff beside the piles of stuff. Because I am not physically engaged in my teaching practise, I decided to create a series of studio practise commentaries which I will call “Tidy Friday” and which I have been posting to my facebook pages.

So, this introduction serves to show the two conjoined photos attached to this thought. The photo on the left shows my embarrassingly cluttered workspace before the clean up, and, the one on the right reveals the same wall tidied up to receive interested visitors to my studio.

Welcome to my tidier studio, as of March 27, 2020!


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