Tripods from Coat Hangers

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This little display tip is one that I use to showcase some of my very small paintings in my studio. I have kept a quantity of unused wire coat hangers because, who knows? When might I need some sturdy wire? I would like to share an idea But if wire coat hangers are bending you out of shape, here is an idea inspired by my long time artist friend Regina Coupar.

To showcase my small paintings and small soapstone carvings, I have built a number of tripods from wire coat hangers. To create these little tripods for yourself, you will need both bull-nose & needle-nose pliers. You need to mentally measure where the tripod must be bent or cut.

To cut the wire, use your heavier pliers to score the circumference of the wire and then snap it to cut your chosen length. To bend into a tiny tripod configure the best shape for the small pieces in your studio pending their height and weight.

Some of the wires are wrapped in black yarn.

If you like this idea and wish to try it, please contact me to share thestudio hacks that you use?


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